shepherds hut

Reasons you should get a shepherd’s hut today

Shepherd's huts in Bath or FromeK Pitman Joinery provides customers with leading bespoke joinery services. For example, we create some of the highest quality shepherd’s huts in Bath or Frome. They are incredibly versatile and look amazing in any space.

Below are some examples of how you could use one of these huts. We hope they inspire you to purchase your own.

A playroom

Everyone loves their kids but sometimes, their toys and noise can be too much. Lots of people give their children a playroom. This way, they have a dedicated space to play in and will have tons of fun making a mess while being safe. There are also plenty of innovative storage solutions that will provide them plenty of space to put everything. Our shepherd’s huts are perfect playrooms and can enhance your garden at the same time.

Guest accommodation

If a family member or friend wants to stay with you for a while, you won’t want to leave them out in the cold. A shepherd hut can be the perfect place for a cosy bedroom. It can be a luxurious spot for people to enjoy and be comfy. A hut acts as a dream escape and a fantastic private space.

A garden office

While you could sit in a standard home office and stare at a wall, why not use a shepherd’s hut? This gives you an idyllic space that is ideal for getting you in the right frame of mind while you work. You will have a fantastic view and a quiet environment where you can clearly think.

Bookworm retreat

A hut, regardless of its size, can make a dream library for book lovers. You will have a lovely and charming spot in which you can read and escape from the world. Huts have a lot of space for storing your books and will have enough room for a sofa or comfy chair for you to relax on.

Create your own space

If you have an idea for how you want to use your space, great! Get in touch with us to find out more about shepherd’s huts in Bath or Frome, or if you want your own. K Pitman Joinery looks forward to hearing from you and designing a beautiful hut you will love.